Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey ya'll!

 So like i said in my IDENTIFICATION post, nail art and polish are quickly becoming a MAJOR obsession of mine!
So you see all of these wicked awesome blogs and videos about this cool designs like water marble, and other crazy things and you're sitting here thinking "what the hell - who thought of doing something like this? who has time for this?!" WELL! ME! Or at least i'm TRYING to make time for this and get into this whole infatuation with nails! I'm sure next there will be a support group for ladies like Manicure Addict who has 1393 NAIL POLISHES (no offense, i adore you.)
ANYWAY so this is my first nail polish post! Whoop go me!
By the way, you really have to click on that water marble video - its.. truly awe inspiring.

So as payback for ruining a pair of velvet red kitten heels he wore for Halloween, I had my cousin buy me my first set of nail art pens (Thanks Cory!). Anyway I did like.. 4 minutes worth of research and half-way listened to some random youtube video review. And i chose Migi - specifically they're Nail Art Decorating Nail Polish from the Bronze Collection, because my friend is going to send me two Sally Hansen pens sooner or later anyway. Plus i'm no dummy, 8 is better than 2. And after a week of painfully waiting they came yesterday!
And I simply adore them. But maybe that makes me biased because they're my first? Who knows!
And I was truly surprised - because (A) this is the first time I've ever had something to seriously do with my hands and (b) they're awesome.  

They come in this awesome little packaging, of 8 conjoined colors like those BlowArt Pens, which you can mix and match, rejoin, and such (pictured below). Oh and look in the top right hand corner : "FREE REFILLS AND REPLACEMENTS" yeah. That's right. The only thing you have to pay for is just the shipping - which is 2.99. Tell me Sally, do you do that?

This pack includes a shimmering black, no mistakes white, platinum is best silver, a glittered gold,  a Dorothy Slipper red, manicured peach, finalist bronze, and orange (sorry i have no creative adjective for orange.. its orange; BTW those aren't the actual names of those colors.)  Plus, the colors are really good and strong too! - Well the red is kinda opaque, so it'd definitely need like two coats, but  I don't care for red. 

That gold is two coats! Not four, not six, just two coats and its super bold!
But the thing that i would seriously recommend as Migi's strongest advantage in my eyes is the patented tip, which is dual ended.

The tip is freaking awesome. I had no idea about it actually until I was trying to pull the top off to practice using making designs, and instead of pulling, I twisted and got black polish all over my hands.... READING DOES HELP! So as you can see, you get 8 pens / polishes! The polishes actually don't come in a glass bottle, but in a squeezable plastic container so its like super easy to apply - especially for beginners. 

So in last, i guess you can say i am a supporter! And i truly have a new appreciation for anyone who can do their own nail design on both the left and right hand. Because on my left hand is tigered; the right is just plain gold. I can't decide which i like better :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!