Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Happy Hump Day!

I can't think of a better way to say happy hump day is staring donating passing glimpses at someone's crotch.
No but seriously OK GO and they're wonderful inventiveness for dance and talent (like you haven't seen this video already! It was a SENSATION when it came out) has teamed up with Google Chrome and Pilobolus, "the Connecticut-based company of choreographers and dancer-athletes committed to developing three original works each year." OR the people you see pictured above doing CRAZY  unmentionable poses with their bodies and getting insanely paid for it. Now that I think about it, I'm sure they were the people on one of those viamin commericals with the antiacids and mess. but they're INSANELY good dancers. You simply have to watch them in action creating advertisement for Hyundai, or in this case your loved ones.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey ya'll!

 So like i said in my IDENTIFICATION post, nail art and polish are quickly becoming a MAJOR obsession of mine!
So you see all of these wicked awesome blogs and videos about this cool designs like water marble, and other crazy things and you're sitting here thinking "what the hell - who thought of doing something like this? who has time for this?!" WELL! ME! Or at least i'm TRYING to make time for this and get into this whole infatuation with nails! I'm sure next there will be a support group for ladies like Manicure Addict who has 1393 NAIL POLISHES (no offense, i adore you.)
ANYWAY so this is my first nail polish post! Whoop go me!
By the way, you really have to click on that water marble video - its.. truly awe inspiring.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Okay, so I didn't think my first rant post would be coming SO QUICKLY, but you know the man upstairs has a plan for everything. SO HERE WE GO.

After posting my first actual blog post- where i was so worried but really happy and counting down the hours 'till True Blood. I took a nap. My weekly Sunday 3 o'clock nap.
And this is the fuckery I woke up to.

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

To me - Sundays are truly just good for True Blood and spending the day with my boyfriend laying out and being lazy (like he doesn't do that everyday, but Sundays are special because we get to be lazy together!)
So for those of you who DON'T know - True Blood is this AWESOME HBO Original Series that is about vampires. But before you stop reading - this isn't Buffy the Vampire or Charm crap. No, It has your average juiceness and hot guys like Desperate Housewives, except without the overdramantics of -- well desperate women. True Blood has the perfect balance of drama, lust, romance, action, and adventure and science fiction that there's something for EVERYONE! Even my boyfriend just watches for the vampires, but he's a nerd so I don't expect for this comment mean much to you. Plus, TB has like enough science fiction that it doesn't just repel me. I absolutely have no tolerance, NONE what so ever for science fiction. It's not "omg you're a vampire! Get away, I have garlic! waaah~" No, True Blood like "Ooh baby, you're a vampire? You could get it!" And I think that's why most people misjudge True Blood: "Oh that Vampire Show? No thanks" - especially after Twilight came along....
 I won't go there. That's another blog post entirely.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


SO to formally introduce myself as a blogger (?) to the blogging community (?)...
my name is Chanel. i'm a 20 year old pre-med student who is OBSESSED with more things than she can simply... contain. And I also have.. a lot opinions. I'm very high spirited, and quick-tempted, and this is.. a way to let out everything that my mind is containing! Everything from k-pop to life as a college student and discovering myself. But before it gets all like my personal diary and everything - DON'T WORRY! i'll have like just obsession posts covering things like nail polish (my current obsession) or my current works in progress in photoshop! SO... let's see how this goes! And who knows - maybe one day i'll get into doing giveaway like those awesome ladies who are CRAZY into nail polish! I hope i get there too.
Thanks for all and future support!
Here we go ~


Here's a nail and fashion give away! WITH A SERIOUSLY CRAZY give away prizes (pictured above).
Personally, I'm hoping for those Urban Decay products, or the NYX products! (Guess who's crazy about her eye make up?)

The Brrrds Nest: IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!: "Hey Loves! I know it has been a long time coming but I finally have enough awesome items for a pretty nice give away. This is in celebration..."