Saturday, July 23, 2011


SO to formally introduce myself as a blogger (?) to the blogging community (?)...
my name is Chanel. i'm a 20 year old pre-med student who is OBSESSED with more things than she can simply... contain. And I also have.. a lot opinions. I'm very high spirited, and quick-tempted, and this is.. a way to let out everything that my mind is containing! Everything from k-pop to life as a college student and discovering myself. But before it gets all like my personal diary and everything - DON'T WORRY! i'll have like just obsession posts covering things like nail polish (my current obsession) or my current works in progress in photoshop! SO... let's see how this goes! And who knows - maybe one day i'll get into doing giveaway like those awesome ladies who are CRAZY into nail polish! I hope i get there too.
Thanks for all and future support!
Here we go ~

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