Sunday, July 24, 2011


Okay, so I didn't think my first rant post would be coming SO QUICKLY, but you know the man upstairs has a plan for everything. SO HERE WE GO.

After posting my first actual blog post- where i was so worried but really happy and counting down the hours 'till True Blood. I took a nap. My weekly Sunday 3 o'clock nap.
And this is the fuckery I woke up to.

nap time alarm on this glorious sunday.

 IN CASE you cannot see that.. IT SAYS 83 DEGREES! Which is a LOT for me - nice thickly black woman with a good perm (which is being sweated out) who was sleeping fully clothed, under a sheet, fleece throw blanket, and comforter IN THE SUNLIGHT. As you can see, it's set to cool and my fan to auto...  Lemme just say, I am not cute in temperatures higher than 75 for extended periods of time. Or a nice person for that matter.

AND sure, I know some of you who are reading are like "the heat is just a mind game. You're cooler when you don't think about it." You need to go read someone else's blog because that fuckery don't work in Texas. Like seriously, its 100 degrees outside, or whatever and the low today is supposed to be 77. 

I am just glad. I shaved.
Because I hadn't I'd be looking like this here.

Me, before I shaved.

 That's my household 4 year old tabby - Jordan the Cat, who was layed out behind me, dead to the world like Mufasa until i got up to take his picture. That's a partial reason for his death glare (other than his suf-fer-in) Fat full-sized and hairy just don't go in 84 degree weather, I don't care what you say.

I mean, there's a nice plus side to this - I'm sure I'm burning calories without actually working out - AND i have that "work-out/after-sex" glow that men find attractive...

Seriously, I DO have SOME happiness to accompany me in this.

Honestly speaking, I think i'd put out for the makers of Ben and Jerry's at this point. It's the only pint i have in the house, PLUS it's taking me OVER week to finish it off. I've only been eating scraping off an eighth of a centimeter a day to keep within my caloire count everyday - but guess what went out  the window today?! I broke down and had 2 inches worth of ice cream and finished off that Minute Maid. It didn't know what happened.
Neither do I.
Ya'll continue to have a happy sunday!
And watch True Blood!

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