Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!

To me - Sundays are truly just good for True Blood and spending the day with my boyfriend laying out and being lazy (like he doesn't do that everyday, but Sundays are special because we get to be lazy together!)
So for those of you who DON'T know - True Blood is this AWESOME HBO Original Series that is about vampires. But before you stop reading - this isn't Buffy the Vampire or Charm crap. No, It has your average juiceness and hot guys like Desperate Housewives, except without the overdramantics of -- well desperate women. True Blood has the perfect balance of drama, lust, romance, action, and adventure and science fiction that there's something for EVERYONE! Even my boyfriend just watches for the vampires, but he's a nerd so I don't expect for this comment mean much to you. Plus, TB has like enough science fiction that it doesn't just repel me. I absolutely have no tolerance, NONE what so ever for science fiction. It's not "omg you're a vampire! Get away, I have garlic! waaah~" No, True Blood like "Ooh baby, you're a vampire? You could get it!" And I think that's why most people misjudge True Blood: "Oh that Vampire Show? No thanks" - especially after Twilight came along....
 I won't go there. That's another blog post entirely.

But i also love TB just because how its written. Every character (like a soap opera, I have to admit) has their own story. But UNLIKE a soap opera, they're just so wonderfully crafted. And you never know where they're going to go! I did find myself watching Days of Our Lives - and like really? How many times can "Oh-I-have-an-evil-twin-who-got-Brooke-pregnant-REALLY!-That's-not-my-baby!-I've-been-locked-in-a-cellular-that-was-filled-with-water!-I-just-now-escaped-to-stop-the-wedding!" plot be used?!
Please, don't think I'm like downing soaps - I watch Korean dramas, and girls cry every two seconds! BUT With True Blood only character (Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse, the lead heroine) cries - with the exception of Bill's (Sookie's Vampire lover) occasional boohoo's. But I guess I like TB because it's such a dynamic show. You never really know where this show is going to go! It definitely pushes the envelope of past mythical creatures shows, but it still maintains some of the allure of them also - when past conceptions of vampires, werewolves, etc... are convenient. that is (usually when Sookie is about to die.)

Ryan Kwanten, just like every woman wants him.

Season one we had vampires, exorcism, and murder, Jason's naked body, Sookie's loving family, and the ever blossiming romance between Sookie and Bill (played by Stephen Moyer), sex, Jason having sex with women, and women on Jason.

Mehcad Brooks plays Eggs on Season Two of TB.

Season two we had shifters, vampire-haters, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)'s make over, Godric the Great, a Maenad tearing apart the small country town of Bon Temps, A GORGEOUS BLACK MAN (Mehcad Brooks as Eggs). On another note, the number of  black people on the show increases from like 2.. to 4 in this season! Assssssssssssaaa!

Alcide Herveaux, the werewolf man candy!

Season three -- well to simply say: hell breaks loose, vampires openly prosecuting humans on national television, and humans retaliating, werewolves, werepanthers (yes, they went there), imbreeding, kidnapping, but most importantly JOE MANAGIELLO comes to the stage as Alcide Herveaux. And the number of black people decrease... back to two.

Alexander Skarsgard, Sweden's Sexiest Man five-time-champion.

And Season Four -- well I don't know whats going on so I can't just hand feed you that now can i? On a MAJOR NOTE though, you get to see the top of Joe's coin purse as he shifts ;).
Yes, I am a dirty girl.
So - there's my obsession! TB! I feel a little biased that I only mentioned 4 of the guys on the show, and like none of the girls (sorry for any guys reading). The girls could get it too - no homo.
Ya'll have a WONDERFUL Sunday!

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