Saturday, September 17, 2011


OKAY so this a small rant -- Because I haven't posted in.. months? and now I just need to get some things off my chest so i can get on with my life.

SO. in my household, my momma knows i don't play with my frosted flakes, juice or my apple sauce. That's three things. If hell broke loose in my house, i would only flip out if i see someone sippin on my apple sauce or my juice, or gnawing at my frosted flakes. Anything else -- with the exception of my room, phone and computer - i just don't really care about. But you shouldn't be in my room anyway.
Now, i've moved into my apartment since then. I live with my sister, and two other girls. and so far with the exception of various days when one of the girls get lazy and want to project all of her laziness on everyone else like we don't do anything -- but everything is kosher.
So i wake up today. Go to the fridge, and see my apple juice, cold, waiting for someone to pop the top off and take a good swig. There wouldn't be no problem, EXCEPT I bought that apple juice over two weeks ago, and its been sitting in that pantry until i'm GOOD AND A READY to drink it. ME! I dont go through my juice like its oxygen, so its in there when i have a bad day and sip on it. I dont drink alcohol or smoke - i sip on my apple juice.
Yes I am sounding childish - but if you didn't spend your money on it - don't touch it! I buy them THEIR OWN juice - so we don't have this problem. Did you see what i said? I BUY THEM THEIR OWN JUICE. Now, what 3 girls do with their own juice ain't my problem because i got my own!
So i leave a note because I know i have a bad attitude- worst when i have to actually waste my breath on simple things that even first graders can comprehend. And ain't no one in this apartment deaf to those elementary rules.
"There are 4 things Chanel don't play about. Her apple juice. Her frosted flakes. Her white cran-strawberry. Her apple sauce. Don't touch them without her permission, and she wont be a cranky bitch;
 Love - C."

Anyway - what this boils down to. is my sister. MY SISTER. is the culprit that pissed me off today.
the person that knows what sets me off. KNOWS I DONT PLAY 'BOUTS MY JUICE.  
sorry, my ethnicity slipped in at the last part.
Have a great weekend everyone :)

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