Monday, August 8, 2011


Happy Monday everyone!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a week - there's nothing really to blog about. I mean i'm really scared that i'll just have this blog around, and just let it die. But until i find like.. it's purpose? Who knows.
So todays topic: Sally Hansen Insta Dry, my cheetah nails!

My good friend - Jasmin has been on my ass  telling me to get this SH Insta Dry forever because I'm always complaining about how I can never stay still long enough for my nails to dry so I cannot get that gorgeous model nail look - like every other nail blogger can seemingly do. WELL after a first failed attempt - I finally got the right bottle.

SH insta dri top coat

Don't be fooled. I got TWO bottles of "clear insta dri" - but pictured nail polish and packing above is the correct one! Not this:
fake insta dri.

This bottle (the clear nail polish in the clear bottle) IS JUST clear nail polish that dries quickly. The first bottle is a wonderful top-coat additive that makes ANY nail polish dry in 30 seconds. The difference? Well the first makes your pretty pink nails dry in 30 seconds - and I'm sure if you add the second bottle on top of your wet pretty pink nails.. Well it doesn't make it dry faster, it just smears the pink and then dries quickly.... Don't be like me. Get the right bottle - its clear nail polish in a RED bottle with a WHITE cap.

Any how, the Insta Dry Top Coat does do its intended purpose of drying my nails like super fast. And that's why I bought it! I've used it 4 times since i got it on Saturday and its lovely.
I HAVE had one problem: 4 out of the 20 nails i've done have actually PEELED off. And I wouldn't have a problem or anything except I used the same nail polish I did in my NAILS blogpost. (I used Migi nail polish and nail design pens, and it took jesus, the jaws of life,  and 25 q-tips to get that TWO coats of that damn nail polish, and the fake clear insta dri off.)
my index nail has distressed
peeling syndrome.
SO maybe the nail polish reacted badly to Migi nail polish formulas? I don't know. But I wore Migi alone for 4 days before putting tiger strips on my left hand - so its up to you guys whatever ya'll think!
So as of right now -- I have a love and hate relationship with SH Insta Dry Top Coat, because it hurts like hell squeezing those Migi Nail Pens to do 20 nails, then redo 4 over WITHIN the same day (I've redone my index finger TWICE already. It's just going to have to stay. I dont have time or the patience to be redoing ONE nail everyday for it to mess up and peel off 2 hours later.) But I do love my nails!!!.... I need to get off animal prints though.

Ya'll have a happy week!

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