Thursday, December 8, 2011


Friendly Hellos! SO a whole semester has gone by - as I am now back at school. I took 18 hours and I'm now in the midst of finals.
And once again, fuckery has found its way into my life.
So lets just start with a quick overview of the last 3 - 4 months.
August: I moved into my new apartment with my sister (Sis), her old roommate (Holly) and our mutual acquaintance (April.). Gorgeous 4 bedroom apartment, with two bathrooms, I just absolutely love it.
September: Its been great -- had a few problems with April, because, well she lives up to her acquired nickname -- which wouldn't be a nice thing to put into this mildly-rated blog. I mean, by this point she hasn't done chore-related activity even though she eats and lives the most in our apartment. Holly is super clean, and well as my sister is my little sister I clean up after her. But I think it was in September when April and I first had it out because she was complaining about the sink being overflow with dishes - when she hasn't lifted a finger to do dishes once. It was that day that I learned that April is either playing stupid or she really intended on questioning how does one load the dishwasher.
October: October 1, I held my best friends bachelorette party at my apartment. It was a Pure Romance - an adult sex toy party, as requested of the bride. The party consisted of April asking questions about her own sex... For God's sake you're 19 years old and don't know what a clitoris is. Well there goes my mild-rating. Anyway - the month continued with constant stupid questions -- "How do you use the dishwasher (EVEN AFTER the previous month's demonstration)" to "How do I defrost this chicken in the microwave?"
And to think someone let this soul have a car, and a drivers license.
November: So it was during this month that I realized, I don't have to deal with this broad, and made a conscious effort to stay in my room. I had it out with my boyfriend, And the weekend before my thanksgiving break he drove down to spend the night with me. He stayed a total of 16 hours and said it was worth it :)
Decemeber: WELL Living with April has gotten mildly better - again I don't really deal with her stupidity, I go in my room and lock the door. We've even gone nail-polish and Christmas shopping for my other two roommates, mainly just because it was Holly's Birthday. Oh and my boyfriend has lovingly admitted to thinking about getting me a promise ring - WHICH is A LOT because it takes him damn near a month to just think about scratching his balls. -- ahem. Love you baby :)

ANYWAY -- that was the quickest overview of my life ever.
So what actually made me decide to post today was April's latest stupidity.

In my gorgeously decorated kitchen - there is a dry erase board hanging on the wall. It is held delicately in place by 4 command strips, each at the corner of the board so that the pully-ends are facing outward. Easily to be removed.
Well this creation of God -- which i'm finding I call her more and more so that I don't cuss this girl out and land myself a permanent space next to the Red Man -- ripped down the MY dry erase board, command strips and all, along with two rather thick strips of dry wall so that "she could study".... LIKE YOU STUDY.
Because pen and paper don't exist in this household between the four college girls who live here.
Only thing I said - to my surprise- was "Don't put it back up. And you're paying for it."
TO be continued!!!

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